Sample the Flavors of Central America and the Caribbean with Belize’s Street Food Culture

by Khaila Gentle

From the bustling night markets of Taiwan to the street side stalls in Thailand, the countries of Asia have mastered the art of street food like none other. But did you know that Central America has an enticing street food culture of its own? From food trucks to fruit stalls, here’s how to experience street food culture like never before when in a Central American country like Belize.

The Beauty of Street Food

One of the best ways to get to know the heart and soul of a country is through its food. That stands especially true when it comes to street food. The affordability of it all, combined with unique flavors and even more unique encounters make the street food experience one of the most authentic travel experiences to be had. From getting to know the locals, to getting to know a location a lot more intimately, exploring a country’s street food scene offers something truly memorable to every traveler.

Street Food in Belize: Delicious Eats That Won’t Break the Bank

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

In Belize, deep fried squid, pork belly buns and bahn mi are replaced by pupusas, breakfast tacos, and fresh fruit. The country’s street food scene is as eclectic as its culture. In Belize City, fruit vendors park on the corners of downtown or travel through neighborhoods announcing their arrival with a bell or a horn. Meanwhile, hotdogs and pupusas are the go-to choice after a late night on the town. And the same can be said for San Pedro Town, Belize’s party hub.

In Tokyo, one might have a choice Yakitori stall. In Northern Belize, seeking out – and sticking with – a favorite taco vendor is the norm. Meanwhile in the west, Cayo-style BBQ on the weekends is the answer to Jamaica’s jerk chicken.

Throughout the country, the influence of its neighbour countries shines through cheap eats like tostadas, salbutes, and garnaches – all corn based dishes packed with flavor.

Belize’s Burgeoning Food Truck Scene

Shortly before the pandemic hit, Belize City saw its first ever food truck festival. The surprisingly large range of options was a refreshing addition to the street food scene. While not comparable to the US or Canada, Belize’s burgeoning food truck culture is an enjoyable experience.

Enjoy freshly made burgers from Miss Deb’s in Cayo or Henry’s on the Go in Belize City. Get your fix of tacos with the Iguana Stop. Or enjoy a wide selection of blended drinks from trucks like the Brain Freeze Margaritas Bar (which also offers non alcoholic slushies) or Flavor Fizz Shack.

All in all, street food in Belize is a can’t miss experience.

Featured Photo courtesy of the Belize Tourism Board. 

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