Star Advertiser mentions Turtle Inn, Belize in “Spots for Sunshine Seekers”

by McNab Editorial Team

Star-Advertiser mentions Turtle Inn, Belize in their article on places for sunshine seekers. 

Seeking a dose of sunshine? These five destinations will tempt you to begin packing now.

turtle inn

Turtle Inn Coppola Hideaways

A holiday trip to this Central American outpost offers an extraordinary bounty of experiences packed into a short time frame. This trip offers a chance to explore ancient caves, get immersed in Mayan culture and kayak through freshwater lagoons. You can also snorkel above the second largest barrier reef in the world; hang out with spider monkeys, loggerhead turtles, toucans and kingfishers; and watch the sunset. End your trip at the 25-room, Francis Ford Coppola-owned seaside refuge, where you will fall fast asleep to the sweet song of the natural world in your thatched-roof bungalow.


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