Will Tourists need to Quarantine in Belize?

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Belize is reopening its international airport late summer to allow tourists back starting August 15—as long as they test negative for the virus. Thereafter, tourists will not be subjected to a 14-day quarantine. Movement will be slightly limited whilst in Belize with contact tracing via the Belize Health App, which is currently being developed. Additionally, approved providers (accommodation, tour operators, domestic flights, etc.) certified within the Gold Standard Recognition Program will be authorised to accept arriving visitors. Travellers to Belize will be put through a number of precautionary measures. Including mandatory temperature checks at the airport, numerous sanitising procedures, a COVID-19 test result, and agreement to adhere to a track and trace system.

Testing Requirements for Belize


All arriving passengers are asked to provide a certification of a negative PCR test result 72 hours prior to travel; this applies to both Belizean citizens and tourists. Once reviewed at arrival to Belize, those who tested negatively will be redirected to the fast track lane for clearance. Tourists unable to provide a negative PCR test must take a rapid test inside the Belize airport; done at their own expense. For tourists taking a rapid test, a layered approach will be implemented. That includes two antigen rapid tests, which is to validate for a conclusive result.

“What if my rapid test result is positive inside the Belize’s airport?”

Tourists unable to provide a negative PCR test must take a rapid test inside the airport, at their own expense. Those testing negative from the rapid test will be allowed entry; but, can be randomly selected for a PCR test swab depending on result of health screening. Additionally, those displaying possible symptoms may also be swabbed for a PCR test. Tourists testing positive must immediately enter quarantine for a minimum of 14 days at the passenger’s expense.

For more information on what travel in Belize will look like starting August 15, read more on our Travel Advisory Page.

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