Why You Should Start Planning Your Belize Summer Getaway Now

by Gisselle Hernandez

The official start of Spring may still be a few days away, but summer travel has been on travelers’ minds for months. And if you’ve been on the cautious side and haven’t traveled at all since the pandemic, a lot may be riding on this particular summer 2022 trip. This means now is the perfect time to seriously start planning that getaway. Belize has made it clear all globetrotters are welcome, especially since revealing its newest “work from where you vacation” program for remote workers. Apart from being a World Travel Tourism Council’s Safe Country, the pint-sized jewel also eased its COVID restrictions recently. This places Belize in high demand, so it’s best you reach out to your travel agent ASAP. Not only will they make the trip easier, but having a travel advisor plan your trip early has more than one benefit. Here are all the things to keep in mind if you’re planning to lock-in that Belize summer getaway.

Skyrocketing airfare prices in the near future.

Frontier Airlines lands its inaugural flight at PGIA in December 2021. Image via Belize Tourism Board

According to travel booking app Hopper, international airfare prices could “increase an average of about 5% each month until June.” It’s clear waiting until a few weeks before your trip could cost you a devastating amount of dough. Not only that but Frommer’s released a report this week announcing the “widespread arrival of fuel charges for travel in 2022.” All fingers point to booking that flight as soon as possible. This urgency on summer planning does not go unnoticed, and you’d be safer to secure those flights – with travel insurance, of course – before you regret it.

Beware of sold-out bookings.


The island villa at the private island resort of Ray Caye.

Many travel trend reports seem to have arrived at one consensus: travelers are willing to splurge now more than ever. Having saved enough with the lack of travel in the past two years, wanderlusters are ready to go all out. This phenomenon was dubbed the “GOAT” mindset, or Greatest Of All Time, by Expedia. Travelers ready to dish out at exclusive hotels and experiences will more than likely snatch up the best available slots. Hesitating to pull the trigger on that Goldilocks-perfect resort you’ve been eyeing could be a crucial mistake. You may just be edged out by a family of four who knew the risks of waiting till the last minute.

Exclusive travel offers.

A night drumming session at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef. Image via The Belize Collection

During the summer, many resorts and hotels in Belize are way below their average occupancy rate. This is because Belize’s busiest season spans from November to late February, leaving Spring and Summer crowd-free. In the months leading to June and July, myriad resorts are shelling out special offers for travelers to book as quickly as possible. This reason for is is that accommodations want to have their income secured during the low season, so most of the discounts are only applicable when booking in the Spring. Make sure to scour hotel websites and their social media for any exclusive discounts. Most resorts will have the actual arrival dates in the summer, as long as you book in Early Spring.

More time to save! 

Dining beachfront at SunBreeze Hotel in San Pedro. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

One major perk of planning a Belize summer vacation extra early that not many think about is you now have more time to save. Booking a last-minute vacation can very well still be a memorable trip, but you may find yourself scrambling to draft up a budget. Booking three months out allows you enough extra time to properly arrange your finances and pace yourself on expenses. This way, there won’t be any surprises once you set out for your Belize vacation.

Start planning your Belize vacation here. Header image by Belize Tourism Board.

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