5 Souvenirs from Belizean Women-Owned Businesses You Must Take Back

by Madeleine Guerra
belize women owned souvenirs

This month is all about recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in society. From creatives to entrepreneurs, to pioneers in sustainable initiatives, there’s no denying that women play a vital role in Belize’s development. In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we’re bringing you the best souvenirs from 5 women-owned businesses you have to take back for your family and friends.   

Deidra Gentry, founder of ID Seven  

diedra ID seven belizean

Diedra Gentry, founder of ID Seven

This woman-owned apparel brand represents some of the best of Belize. With slogans like “you had me at fry jack” and “you had me at hudut,” ID Seven proudly showcases your favorite things about Belize. What’s more, this line does more than offer fashionable tees. When you buy from ID Seven, all profits go to investing in youth development. 
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Jolie Pollard, founder of IKOOMA 

ikooma jolie Belizean women

Jolie Pollard, founder of IKOOMA

IKOOMA does hair care the right way and by that we mean all-natural. IKOOMA, creole for Eucheuma Seaweed, is a woman-owned Belizean brand creating hair care solutions from seaweed for all your curly hair needs. This makes a great gift to take back and add to your everyday hair care routine.    

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Khadija Assales, founder of Kaj Expressions  

Kaj and her daughters

This business makes gifting easy by creating gorgeous handmade jewelry pieces. Whether it’s gifting yourself, or a friend, Kaj Expressions has a piece for you. She uses materials such as jippi jappa leaves, sea glass, and more to create intricate designs ranging from mermaid tail earrings to Belize-shaped necklaces. She’ll win your heart with her gorgeous designs.  

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Aesha Garel, founder of Zest Handcrafted Jewelry 

Aesha models one of her signature designs: the Monstera.

If you’re looking to take back some Belizean zest, then Zest Handcrafted Jewelry is a must. Using resin as her base, this local creative embraces what it means to be Belizean and that is by embracing vibrant and colorful! Each piece is designed with gorgeous colors and glitters that add some serious zest to your outfit. Her designs range from statement pieces to simple studs.   

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Zyania Alonzo, Artist  

Artist Zyania Alonzo has taken crochet to another level with her gorgeous handbag designs. Each piece is designed and stitched by her, making every piece a wearable work of art. Choose from her selection of colors and styles. You have your pick of a sling bag or a handbag, each artfully created.  

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