8 Reasons To Book A Trip To Belize This Summer

by Madeleine Guerra

Belize is a dream destination full of experiences you’ll never forget. There are so many reasons to love Belize, but we’ve rounded up 8 of the best reasons why you should book a trip to Belize this summer. After all, Belize continues to make traveling here more accessible with updated entry requirements and summer sales

1. Diversity in Culture  

Maya Celebration Chocolate Fest PG by BTB

A Maya celebration at the Belize Chocolate Festival. Image courtesy Belize Tourism Board

Belize takes “a melting pot of cultures” to another level by totally embodying this common phrase. Rich in unique historical experiences and ethnicities, Belize is home to a myriad of people. With this great diversity comes great richness in cuisine and traditions. On your trip to Belize, there are numerous cultural excursions that’ll provide you with great insight into the splendour of being Belizean. 

 2. Rich Local Cuisine  

Foodies, get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Belizean cuisine is always rich in fresh local ingredients and a variety of spices that’ll have your taste buds in total bliss.  

3. Warm Weather  

If you’re traveling to Belize in the summer, no doubt you can expect endless beach days and plenty of time to experience outdoor adventure. Belize has a tropical climate so be prepared for cold drinks and fun in the sun! 

4. Romance 

How about a surprise proposal on the beach? Image courtesy Leonardo Melendez Photography

This Caribbean country boasts some of the regions most beautiful locations for a romantic getaway. Whether it’s in the jungle forest or on an island, you’re sure to have a romantic time in the most gorgeous natural settings you’ll ever experience.  

5. The Country’s Size  

jungle pontoon cayo waterfall adventure

Explore waterfalls via jungle pontoon. Photo courtesy Belizing

With 8867 sq miles of territory, Belize has a lot to see considering its size. For travelers, this is always a major plus. In just a few hours you can go from experiencing sandy beaches to the lush jungle forests.  

6. Welcoming People  

tobacco caye belize duarte dellarole

All smiles in paradise at Tobacco Caye. Photo courtesy Duarte Dellarole

Belizeans are known for being warm and welcoming towards anyone who comes their way. Having lived among a diverse group of people, Belizeans live and breathe multiculturalism. So be prepared to be embraced, and most definitely don’t be afraid to ask for a little help when you need.  

7. Environmental Consciousness  

Visit an APAMO Member protected area to help fund conservation!

Having been recently voted as one of the world’s most ethical destinations, Belize knows what it’s doing when it comes to sustainable development. The tourism sector is steadily becoming a world leader in continuously showing respect and reverence to the earth. Support it first-hand by visiting any one of Belize’s 103 protected areas; your entrance fee helps directly fund conservation through umbrella organizations like a member of the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) Belize. 

8. Grandeur of Nature  

flights to belize airport getting around
An aerial flight of Belize's Great Blue Hole. Photo by Duarte Dellarole
belize blue hole
The Great Blue Hole in Belize. Photo courtesy Belize Tourism Board
Caracol Belize Maya ancient city
Caracol - Maya Site © Alamy
Xunantunich belize caribbean cayo
Xunantunich Maya Site. © Duarte Dellarole Photography
diving belize turneffe atoll
Turneffe Reef Atoll. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

For just a small country, Belize has numerous sites that are must-sees upon your visit. From the Belize Barrier Reef, the Great Blue Hole, and the Maya Archeological sites to name a few, there is so much you can do.  

Header photo courtesy Eucalipto Yoga Studio.

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