Belize Hotels Unite For Online Vacation Auction to Support Tourism

by Carolee Chanona

From Punta Gorda to Ambergris Caye and offshore private islands, hotels and resorts have contributed to the Belize Hotel Association (BHA), launching Belize’s first online vacation auction to help support the long-term recovery of Belize’s tourism industry. Lovers of the Caribbean nation, as well as those who are looking to fall in love with Belize for the first time, will have many destinations and hotels to choose from as they shop and bid on vacation options. In an attempt to protect its small population of 400,000 while bringing back tourism to safeguard its economy, Belize has put in place some of the most restrictive visitor safety measures in the Caribbean. After all, Belize’s Tourism Gold Standard for Health & Safety awarded the country with TripSavvy’s Tourism Industry Leader; each participating property complies with said protocols.

Copal Tree Lodge belize Punta Gorda toledo southern
Copal Tree Lodge is the definition of agritourism-chic with its organic farm and 12,000 acre nature reserve.
Ka'ana Resort
San Ignacio Resort Hotel
San Ignacio Resort Hotel
best Western Belize Biltmore plaza pool
Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza
Grand Caribe
Sirenian Bay

Besides, this exciting endeavor allows anyone the chance to buy some of Belize’s premium destinations, starting at 50% under market value. Nonetheless, whisk yourself away to a private island, beach resort or an exotic jungle lodge of your choosing in Belize!

Belize’s First Online Vacation Auction starts at 50% Under Market Value

The public is urged to shop, bid and show their support for Belize by visiting Belize Hotel Association’s Auction Portal. Considering that Belize’s GDP was valued at $4,815 per capita in 2019—over $60,000 less than that of the U.S.—it stands to reason that the Caribbean country provides a strong set of standards for the U.S. and other countries to emulate. Indeed, the best way to help Belize is to travel to Belize.

“Bridging the gaps and assessing the damages created by this sudden economic downturn will be no easy feat. Nonetheless, the Belize Hotel Association is dedicated to continuously attract tourism and create exposure opportunities; for [both] our members and the larger congregation of hotels throughout Belize.”

– The Belize Hotel Association (BHA)

The auction — which features over 20 packages to bid on — began November 1 and runs through November 15. To see auction items, go to and click on the “auction” tab. Additionally, all proceeds from this event will reinvest in digital marketing for Belize and the like for member properties.

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