How Coronavirus has affected the Caribbean and Latin America

by Larry Waight

The coronavirus pandemic has had widespread effects on travel to many countries. If you had plans to visit Latin America or the Caribbean, should you reconsider? You may be surprised to learn that once the crisis is over, countries like Belize remain an excellent destination.

What’s the Situation in Latin America?

The virus has been drastically striking Latin America. Most of the cases have occurred in Brazil, which has overcrowded cities and high rates of poverty. Following it are Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Panama, Argentina, and Mexico. Many of these countries are instituting curfews, quarantines, and other measures. 

In the Caribbean, different countries are responding in their own way. While Haiti has imposed a curfew and closed its border, the Government of Jamaica has instituted stringent restrictions to help flatten the curve and protect the vulnerable. Jamaica is currently under curfew from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. daily until April 8th.

Belize Has Three Reported Cases

So far, Belize only has three reported cases and on April 1st, at midnight, a state of emergency went into effect. The state of emergency also includes a curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every day for the next 30 days. 

What That Means for Your Travel Plans

If you’ve made travel plans to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, experts advise that you should reschedule rather than cancel. You should still plan to visit once the virus is under control. 
In fact, the best thing you can do to help these beautiful countries is to support their local economies. That’s especially true of Belize, where tourism is a major industry and a key source of conservation funding.

Here’s Why You Should Visit Belize as Soon as Possible

With only three reported cases of the virus, Belize is likely to be an ideal getaway once the worst of the pandemic ends.
Belize is a sparsely populated country where you’ll never find large crowds. If you’re still concerned about social distancing, you can do it here with no worries. 
You’ll appreciate being able to stretch your legs on the beach and feel the warm Caribbean Sea breezes after weeks of being cooped up in quarantine. You’ll breathe fresh air, immerse yourself in nature and forget the stress and fear of dealing with the pandemic.

Enjoy Great Deals

Travel experts are predicting that people willing to travel will find incredible deals once countries start lifting their travel bans. You’ll be able to enjoy the finest hotels, flights and local amenities at great discounts.

Belize Is Still the Perfect Travel Destination

With its stunning scenery, historical sites, laid-back living, and vibrant culture, Belize is a wonderful place to visit. When fears of the virus settle down, you’ll enjoy a great vacation here. 

Photo Courtesy: ROEming Belize Travel Agency 

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