Gaïa Riverlodge

by McNab Editorial Team
GAIA Riverlodge ecotourism destination belize
Detailed Information

Gaïa, the mother of life and all creation-the Greek goddess of Earth. Her powers were unlimited, just like nature’s. Perched atop of the magnificent Five-Sisters Waterfalls in Belize’s famed Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Gaïa will fulfill its promise to reconnect you to your adventurous and truest being by disconnecting you from everything else. The second you set foot on the property a weight lifts. The quiet of the rainforest, its birds and butterflies, magnificent flora, the pink and orange sunsets glowing upon the pine trees, and finally, the distant roaring of the waterfall will work their magic. You’ll instantly feel vibrant and connected to the reality of nature more than ever before. At night, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with our guides and guests from all around the world around the fire pit, underneath a pitch-black sky full of stars.