How Sunset Caribe Is Sweetening Island Life On Belize’s Ambergris Caye

by Larry Waight

For folks to have yet to decide on where to vacation in Central America, Belize should be at the top of the list.  because not only is English the nation’s primary language, but it’s small enough to navigate so packing as many activities, attractions, and experiences into even the shortest holiday is not just possible, but doable. Central to the secret of making sure a stay is memorable is choosing an area of Belize that offers the greatest number of perks. That place continues to be Ambergris Caye, a favorite of frequent visitors and Conde Nast Traveler’s pick for the place with the most charming Caribbean Island vibe.

Why does Ambergris Caye receive so much notoriety?

An aerial of Ambergris Caye by Tom Hines. In the forefront, you can see Grand Caribe Belize.

It’s not just that island vibe; it’s also home to San Pedro, the town that is beloved by discriminating tourists who love being offered so many types of cuisine, the laid-back, worry-free lifestyle, epic beaches, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. For a small island, this one leaves even first-time visitors enthralled

Sunset Caribe enjoys views of Ambergris Caye’s bayside.

So where to sojourn if you’d like to experience the best of San Pedro that’s close enough to town to experience the excitement? Yet, it needs to be far enough away to bathe in the quiet tranquility you seek after escaping from the cacophony of noise that plagues you back home? Sunset Caribe is a luxe resort located 2 miles north of San Pedro on Sunset Bay in Caribeville where the most spectacular sunsets soothe guest sensibilities every evening.

No ordinary resort

Is it possible to create a haven that offers every amenity under the sun yet treats guests to the sort of pampering only a boutique property can deliver? If you’re staying at Sunset Caribe, the answer is yes! Access to everything you need and want is onsite or so near, everything about your vacation is at your fingertips:

  • Onsite parking
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Cable satellite TV
  • Swimming pool
  • Pristine beach
  • Bar/lounge
  • Bicycles are available
  • Babysitting services
  • Housekeeping services and more.

Every unit is masterfully equipped with the touches you expect from a world-class resort and access to every type of activity for which the Caribbean is known; think diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, archeological Maya sites, cultural attractions, ziplining, jungle and rainforest trekking, wildlife adventures and more. The always helpful Sunset Caribe staff can book excursions that brought you to Belize in the first place. Or, simplify your stay by choosing an all-inclusive package that saves money and includes some of these tours.

You may find it hard to leave your digs!

Given the long list of adventures that could easily wind up on your itinerary, you’ll probably be surprised by your reticence to leave your accommodations because they are so elegant and modern. Each lodging is unique, spacious, and roomy, giving any size travel party plenty of space. From singles to families, accommodations offer delightful views, private balconies, maximum privacy, and views that will keep you transfixed.

Modern amenities mean maximum privacy at Sunset Caribe.

In-room amenities are exactly what you would expect from a resort that is committed to a higher standard of hospitality thus must-haves like air conditioning, tropical furnishings, a coffee/tea maker, beautifully appointed bathrooms, and gracefully flowing room layouts all make it hard to leave, even when exciting experiences are on your agenda. Dare we add that kids stay free, so you can bring the entire family without cleaning out their college fund bank accounts?

Discover Caribeville for all the right reasons

You will want to head for San Pedro to taste all the excitement for which it’s known – bars, pubs, eateries, shops, galleries and so much more – but you don’t have to wander far to avail yourself of resources. Caribeville is home to the Rain Restaurant, Aqua Restaurant, Sunset Pool Bar, The Spa and Salon at Grand Caribe, San Pedro Urgent Care, and The Beach Basket Grocery Store.

You can turn your first-time visit into a routine by purchasing a condo unit that’s not just a solid investment but offers you a perk you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere: There’s a medical facility already up and running in Caribeville so for retirees and folks with medical issues, concerns about investing in Caribbean property could vanish since condo owners and their guests are eligible for 24-hour emergency care.

There’s even a pizzeria in town so for those who can’t live without their quota of pies – especially when slices are washed down by a modest number of Belikin beers – perhaps the only place that could surpass these pleasures is the Spa at Caribeville where pampering is elevated to an art. And for those eager for some of the biggest thrills a vacationer can experience, Ambergris Caye’s only full-service heliport offers tours for guests and residents are amazing.

Arrive to Grand Caribe in style with Astrum Helicopters. 

Come for a visit. You’ll quickly discover that the Caribbean destination you dream about exists and not just in your mind. After all, the population of Caribeville is one thing: happy! Learn more here

All images courtesy Sunset Caribe unless stated otherwise.

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