The Pros and Cons of Visiting Belize in the High Season

by Gisselle Hernandez

Though it’s true that there’s never truly a bad time to visit Belize, each season has its perks. Shoulder season, for instance, comes with its own unique benefits from lower price tags to more one-on-one time with sites. In Belize, the high season follows directly after, roughly starting from November running all the way up to February. While many travelers have become apprehensive of high season travel throughout the past decade, in Belize the time bodes different than in other mass tourism destinations. In Belize, high season simply means it’s the busiest time of the year for the country’s tourism, without the balms of crowds. Still, if you’re trying to decide whether to visit in the coming months, here are some pointers to help you out.


  • More available flights. When the winter months in the North kick in, so do additional flight routes to the tropical country. Take Alaska Air, for instance, whose routes will commence from Seattle and Los Angeles in November. For a budget option, Frontier Airlines will also start flying to Belize in December from Denver, Colorado and Orlando, Florida.
  • Unique Holiday traditions. Belize relies on its diverse culture for much of the colorful and rich traditions surrounding holiday season. Examples include the ubiquitous “Jankunu” dance from the Garifunas, a cultural dance held especially during Christmastime. Travelers look forward to the traditional Lighting of the Boat Parade in San Pedro, a vibrant display of colors piercing through the night.
  • Higher selection of tours. Since most guests visit Belize – and its islands – during high season, quite a few tour operators or establishments wait until then to offer their full roster of services. Whereas during the low season a particular tour may not be available due to low demand, you’ll have the chance to book it during the high season.


  • Steeper costs. We all know high season is considered high for a reason: higher price tags. However, there are many Belize resorts that offer packages for families, couples and other travelers that include tours and experiences. This allows you to get more bang for your buck while ensuring you receive the very best of the hotel.
  • Longer booking window. With more travelers visiting during this time, it is understandable certain tours and flights would get competitive. During the low season, you can get away with last minute flights or tours, but during high season it’s best to book ahead at least three months in advance. Pro tip: set flight deal alerts six months before your planned trip so you can book the best priced options. As for tours, talk to your preferred tour operator prior to arriving in Belize so you have a secure spot on that coveted snorkeling tour or Maya ruin excursion. The advantage of this is the more research you conduct beforehand the more you’ll know what to expect for an experience.

It’s always a good idea to think about what type of trip you’re looking for before booking. But as outlined above, there are advantages and disadvantages to both seasons. It’s up to you to choose which Belize experience you’re after.

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