There’s no waiting in line to take photos at these Belize attractions

by Gisselle Hernandez

With Belize brimming with picturesque attractions from North to South, it stands to reason visiting Instagrammers can’t get enough of the destination. In the past, Instagram had received criticism for fueling “overtourism” at popular places around the world. Sustainable travelers urged others to take into account the toll that traveling just for Instagram clout had on these hotspots.

As more wanderlusters travel consciously and choose second-city destinations, the idea of not having to wait an hour in line to snap a photo of a landmark seems more tempting. In Belize, lines are non-existent. Each tourism site feels like it was reserved just for you. No hot, sweaty waiting lines, no fighting for optimal selfie spots, just raw appreciation for the beautiful attractions. If you’d like to see it for yourself, here are the best ones we recommend visiting. 

Art murals in San Ignacio.

san ignacio roeming belize mural

This popular art mural is in San Ignacio. Image courtesy Roeming Belize

Strolling through downtown San Ignacio, you’re bound to run into beautiful art murals splashed on streetside walls. Many of these murals – and more have been added throughout the country recently – are devoid of crowds. In fact, so many fellow Belizeans are used to seeing them now, it’s become just a nice scene when passing by. All you need to do is walk right up, snap a photo and admire the art before going about the rest of your itinerary

Cerros Maya Site.


Cerros – Maya Site © Duarte Dellarole

The term “hidden gem” may already be tossed around a lot when it comes to Belize, but it’s especially true in the case of Cerros. This Maya ruin is the only one that is right beside the Caribbean Sea. Specifically, situated on the coast of the Corozal district in Northern Belize. This region is already seldom visited, which means you’ll be discovering a new side of Belize not many casual travelers venture into. You can climb up to the temple and take photos from as many angles as you want. You’re more than likely to be one of the few visitors there. 

Baron Bliss Lighthouse/Belize Sign.


The unmistakeable Baron Bliss Lighthouse in Belize City. Image courtesy Azain Medina/Vista Real Estate

Large, colorful lettered signs have been popping up all over-tourism hot spots over the last few years. Belize did not stay behind in the trend, with almost every destination having its own sign. One of the most popular ones is the “Belize” sign in Belize City. Sitting right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, this sign is also only mere steps away from the famous Baron Bliss Lighthouse landmark. You could get a two-for-one by hopping over to this site and taking selfies with both. 

Rio on Pools.

Rio_On_Pools cayo belize

Rio on Pools. Photo courtesy Duarte Dellarole

All of the attractions in the Mountain Pine Ridge are catered for seclusion, meaning you’re probably not going to be fighting for perfect spots to grab some drone footage. With hundreds of acres of the sprawling jungle at your disposal, you’re definitely going to be the only subject in your photos – unless a jaguar or a King Vulture decides to make a cameo. Rio on Pools is one of those attractions that serves up amazing drone shots of you lying down on the rocks as the waterfall’s cascades slowly trickle over your body. These natural pools end up generating a large waterfall over a cliff, washing over jutting rocks amidst the surrounding jungle. Now, that’s something worth capturing. 

Featured Image via Jaguar Reef Lodge
Editor's Note: This post was first shared on September 23, 2021

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