Why You Should Work With This Full Service Real Estate Firm In Belize

by Carolee Chanona

You’ve decided: you’re moving to Belize. After all, Belize is just a short direct flight, at 2 hours long, away from the continental U.S., speaks English, and is diversely beautiful in its landscape while being sparsely populated.  Plus, a host of other benefits this country has other benefits: economic stability, a stress-free lifestyle, and a cost of living that is good value when compared with the U.S. (or even other Caribbean destinations). Now, what’s next? Even if you’ve visited Belize before, purchasing property or finding your space and making your move while abroad is significantly harder without a local contact taking care of some of the nitty-gritty errands for you. That’s where a real estate agent comes in; many companies claim to be full-service real estate agencies – but what exactly does that entail?

What A Full-Service Real Estate Agency Is 

The Philip Goldson Airport serves the nation of Belize’s largest city in Belize City. Image via Vista Real Estate

A full-service real estate agency provides expertise in the development, investments, management, maintenance, sales, and leasing of property. These firms are the ones who can answer any and every question you may have, even about commercial real estate. After 18 years of service, that comes as second nature to the team at Vista Real Estate.

If you were to walk into a full-service firm and shake the hand of every employee there, you’d end up hearing a wide range of job titles, certifications, and specialties. This broad range of expertise is perhaps the strongest feature of a full-service firm. When you hire an agent from a full-service firm, you actually benefit from the expertise of not only your agent but also their colleagues too.

The team at Vista Real Estate celebrates 18 years of service. Image via Vista Real Estate

Full-service agencies also offer financial benefits to their clients. Owners often find that hiring the same company to lease and manage their properties saves them money in the short run through economies of purchasing, and makes handling property business a much simpler task. Full-service firms save their clients time as well as money. After all, handling business in one place makes the job easier for everyone involved.

Full-service firms are one-stop shops for all things real estate. Clients with multiple needs will always find that true full-service firms are their best bet for handling business efficiently and effectively. Though Vista Real Estate is known mostly as a land, residential, commercial, office, and industrial real estate brokerage firm (sales & rentals), the full-service firm also offers property valuation, research, marketing and consultation, investment analysis, retirement planning, and property management services to clients.

Find Your Space In Belize

Tierra Pristina-21-belize-real-estate-corozal

Tierra Pristina. Photo © Vista Real Estate

Ultimately, the decision to move to Belize will depend on personal preferences and lifestyle choices. By purchasing local, fresh products and enjoying a more relaxed, less consumerist lifestyle, one can benefit from significant savings and an exceptional quality of life in Belize.


Hummingbird Highway, Belize. Photo courtesy Vista Real Estate

So whether you seek luxurious beachfront living, a budget lifestyle in a small town or a secluded jungle escape, the best version of those golden years can be found in Belize. Here, we invite you to embrace real estate opportunities complete with stunning vistas and affordable price tags, making your relocation dreams a reality.

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