Is This The Maldives Of The Caribbean? Let Belize Surprise You

by Gisselle Hernandez

When we think of the Maldives, we think of crystalline waters, multiple islands, and overwater bungalows. To many of us, this is a destination frequented by the likes of celebrities and influencers and often difficult to reach due to its location. But what if there was a destination just as magical — if not more so — at a fraction of the travel time? Belize has often been considered the hidden gem of Central America, but some may forget it is also a proud part of the Caribbean. This duality leads Belize to hold unique features that make it stand out from other vacation destinations. 

400 Islands To Choose From 

The Maldives is an archipelago made up of more than a thousand islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s been known as the go-to idyllic sanctuary for those in the know, but that same popularity has turned off travelers looking for something novel. Belize, on the other hand, is no longer the Caribbean’s “best-kept secret” but has yet to reach mass tourism numbers. This makes it a hot commodity for travelers wanting emerald waters and beautiful beaches. While Belize is not an island like many mistakes it to be, it does hold more than 400 cayes off its coast.

The best part? You don’t need to travel 26 hours for it.

silk caye belize

The Silk Cayes in Southern Belize. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Travelers can island-hop to their heart’s content, visiting snorkeling hot spots, must-dive areas, marine reserves, and private island resorts. One could base their entire vacation around exploring Belize’s islands (and many do). A popular activity is taking day trips to several of these islands and returning to the mainland after a memorable day. We recommend Placencia or Hopkins as great bases for exploring some must-visit offshore cayes. 

Epitome of Romance 

thatch caye muyono resort couple elope

There’s no shortage of honeymoon destinations around the world, yet the stunning Maldives have always hailed supreme in that department. But why fly halfway across the world when Belize has constantly been listed as a top romance destination by acclaimed publications?

The pint-sized country boasts cerulean waters, fiery sunsets, and just enough seclusion to make it a dream couple’s getaway. From private sunset sailing tours to shared kisses atop waterfalls, the romantic escapism is endless. Not only will you fall in love all over again with each other, but you’ll be head over heels for Belize, too. 

Iconic Accommodations 

Thatch caye belize overwater cabana

Thatch Caye is a Muy’Ono Resort.

Of course, what the Maldives is truly known for is their iconic overwater bungalows. A string of luxe wooden cabanas suspended over turquoise waters is every Instagrammer’s dream. However, you can enjoy the same picture-perfect scene at Thatch Caye Resort. In the Maldives of Belize, Thatch Caye is made up of only 15 dwellings atop the water allowing for ultimate privacy and seclusion.

Guests have the option of booking either overwater bungalows or oceanfront cabanas, but the views are stunning either way. What sets Thatch Caye’s accommodations apart is that the resort uses reclaimed island materials. These mini oases offer a much-needed digital detox in today’s day and age. You won’t find Wi-Fi outside the common areas but we promise you won’t even miss it once you hop on your own hammock overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

The overwater rooms are nestled together and sit on stilts, adding character and design to the rustic-chic suites. Thatch Caye’s coveted bungalows are within easy reach of budget-conscious travelers and can even be booked together for a buddy-moon

The Muy’Ono Resort knows the rare gem they have on their hands and offers multiple packages for guests wanting to experience a Maldives-like stay for a fraction of the price. As if that wasn’t dreamy enough, the resort collection offers combination vacation packages where you can choose either rock & reef, beach & jungle, or a pure island escape combined with multiple resort stays.

This way, you’re able to get the best of both worlds without leaving the Caribbean. For more information, visit Muy’Ono’s website here

All images courtesy of Thatch Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort.

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