Yogis, Raise Your Vibration in Belize at Ka’ana Resort  

by Madeleine Guerra

Bring peace to your mind, body and soul with Ka’ana Resort’s Wellness and Yoga Retreat, which has all the ingredients for a truly transformative experience. Think sun salutations and evening meditations while immersed in the tropical jungle. Ka’ana Resort combines the laid back culture of Belize with the experience and knowledge of local wellness experts to bring to you the opportunity to raise your vibrations and embrace tranquility for this 3-day Wellness and Yoga Retreat.

Wellness in Belize

Known for its reverence and respect for natural grandeur, Belize is increasingly becoming a deeply spiritual place. Not only that, but building opportunities for a totally revitalizing experience amongst nature. Here, the climate is always favorable and with the jungle touching every corner of Ka’ana Resort, everyday is an opportunity for a reviving experience outdoors. As is widely known, embracing nature comes with an abundance of health and stress-reducing benefits. Not to mention, the totally humbling experience of admitting total oneness with the earth.

What to expect

With this package you’ll stay in one of Ka’ana’s chic and comfortable accommodations; enjoy total privacy and down time whenever you’re ready. Continental breakfast and daily kombucha for two are included; and for lunch and dinner, you’ll be able to enjoy Ka’ana’s on-site restaurant, La Ceiba, for a plethora of farm-to-table options. Here, the culinary experience is taken seriously, and by that we mean that both the food and the atmosphere are designed with total reverence allowing for an all-around exquisite dining experience throughout your stay.   

Wellness and Yoga 

kaana belize yoga wellness kombucha

Enjoy two private yoga or pilates sessions; a meditation workshop; and a relaxing Swedish massage at the poolside. All this for two yogis! The retreat package also includes both cultural and adventure experiences such as a Maya cooking class and a full-day hike through one of Belize’s most popular forest reserves, Mountain Pine Ridge 

Other highlights 

  • One way private ground transportation from or to Philip Goldson International Airport 
  • Travelers that provide proof of COVID-19 immunization won’t need to test when arriving to Belize
  • On-site antigen testing from local health care professionals  

For reservations, email [email protected] or call US: (305)-735-2553 or Whatsapp: + (501) 614 8185 

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