Maya Sites in Belize

Belize is a beautiful Central American nation with a rich history of Maya culture and throughout all districts in Belize you can find various Maya Sites of all sizes. 


Known as the epicenter of the ancient Maya world, Belize once was home to more than 2 million Mayas. Sacred temples, pyramids, advanced science, agriculture, mathematics, palaces, and awesome structures are their legacy. Without the use of iron or the wheel, the civilization reached its zenith at the time when Europe was in the Dark Ages.


The caves in Belize are also world famous. Many of them are consistently featured in documentaries and articles by National Geographic and other international media organizations.

The reason for this is that aside from having beautiful characteristics, most of Belize’s caves, till this day, have ancient Maya artifacts, including sacrificial remains.


You should definitely visit these Maya Sites during a Belize-vacation, the question should be, which one? Check the list below and enjoy the adventure!