The countdown for spring break begins

It’s time to book your flight to Belize – a spring break mecca. The popular spots such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Miami, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico are overrated and overpopulated. Travel to a unique destination on the Caribbean coast with the second largest barrier reef in the world offering jungle zip-lining, cave tubing, windsurfing, world-class diving, mountain bike excursions through jungle trails, Maya temple tours and much more. Curious to find out about Belize? Continue reading,

Shots, Shots, Shots! Of tequila of course! Spring break has the reputation of college students “living their best life” while partying the night away. Can Belize, which is known for its tranquil Caribbean lifestyle, fit as a location for wild partying? Yes! Belize has a combination of the best. Belize has mesmerizing nature packed activities by day and a lot of party lit venues by night.   

Brief Synopsis of Belize

Belize is a Caribbean country located south of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is bordered north by Mexico, west, and south by Guatemala and east by the Caribbean Sea. The country has a 174-mile coastline with a subtropical climate all year round. English is its official language with other languages spoken such as Kriol, Garifuna, Mandarin, Mayan, and Spanish. Though small in population, its people are ethnically diverse and rich in culture. The Belizean people are made up of Kriol, Garifuna, Maya, Mestizo, East Indian, Mennonite, Chinese and Arab. There are also immigrants in Belize from Europe, Canada, and the United States.  

Belize is known for its ultimate biodiversity and original ecosystems. Located on the coast are swampy coastal plains with mangrove swamp. Down south and the interior, there are hills and mountains. Belize has many jungles, wildlife reserves, a vast variety of different flora and fauna species and the largest cave system in Central America.   

Belize is a small nation, but one that has a well-planned highway and road system that connects all mainland towns and villages. No need to worry about transportation, there are ample options: local airlines, rental car, boat, helicopter, tour operators, buses, taxis, and even horses. There are small airports in Belize located centrally at key points of touristic attractions, boat services operating from all major coastal regions and islands and bus terminals in towns and villages.  

Day Activities


1. Go hiking to a breathtaking viewpoint 

2. Spot a Jaguar

3. Find a truly magnificent waterfall and sweet swimming spot

  • Hidden Valley Inn: A private nature reserve set on 7,200 acres of wilderness in the Maya Mountains

4. Experience birding at sunrise. With over 600 species of birds in Belize, this is a mystical sight.

5. Wine and Dine in the Belize Rainforest

6. View a Butterfly farm (with over 700 butterfly species)

7. Rappel Down a Waterfall:

  • Bocawina Rainforest Resort 
  • Antelope Falls in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park

8. Zipline through the jungle


    Cahal Pech: the perfect introduction to ancient Maya architecture with a wonderful view over the river valley below 

     Xunantunich: one of the largest ancient Maya cities ever built with an impressive display of pyramids, palaces, and other grand buildings.  

     Tikal: located just over the border in Guatemala and perhaps the most famous ancient Maya site in the world. Tikal contains more than 3,000 structures and easily accessible from Belize. 

     Nim Li Punit: The Maya name meaning “Big Hat” referring to the most iconic Maya sculptures in Belize. The ancient rulers commanded for large sculptures of themselves including one ruler with a large hat.  

     Lubaantun: Located in southern Belize and unique for hundreds of tiny ceramic objects found at the site. Archaeologists assumed they were used as lucky charms by the ancient Mayans or special tools for religious ceremonies 


1. Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

2. Sailing / Kayaking/ Paddle Boarding

3. Fishing/Fly fishing

  • Turneffe Atoll 
  • Ambergris Caye 
  • Placencia 
  • Hopkins 
  • Punta Gorda 
  • Caye Caulker 

4. Relaxing / Sunbathing/Swimming


1. San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye

2. Caye Caulker

3. Placencia Village

4. San Ignacio, Cayo District

5. Belmopan City, Cayo District

6. Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District

  • Picadilly Nightclub and Lounge 

7. Belize City

Written by Jiyoung Chehade

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