Best Belizean Delicacies for a Chilly or Rainy Day

by Khaila Gentle
belizean delicacy bread pudding

The list of Belizean comfort foods is a long one. There’s something delicious for every season and even every mood you might find yourself in. When it comes to chilly or rainy weather though, there are some dishes that stand out among the rest. That’s why we’ve picked out some of the best Belizean delicacies that you can enjoy on rainy days. And while Belize doesn’t have a winter season, these dishes are also great for when the temperature drops just a little.

1. Escabeche

belizean food escabeche onion soup

Belizean Escabeche! Photo by FoodFunTravel

Simple but absolutely exquisite, escabeche is a Belizean soup typically eaten with corn tortillas and broiled chicken.  This delicate onion soup is as inexpensive to make as it is delicious. There are a number of different cuisines across the globe known as escabeche. But Belizean escabeche is a quintessential rainy day delicacy.

2. “Black Dinna”



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Black Dinna (Black Dinner), also known as Relleno Negro, is a hearty Belizean soup that has indigenous origins. Eaten frequently during the holiday season (but a year-round favorite as well) this Belizean delicacy feels as if it was made with rainy or cooler days in mind.

3. Belizean Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is comforting no matter where you are. Photo by Ashkan Forouzani via Unsplash

I’ll admit this one’s a bit of a cop out, since chocolate is great for any weather or occasion. A steaming cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day, though—that definitely spells comfort. The Belize Chocolate Company is one out of a handful of local chocolate makers that are offering authentic Belizean cacao. And while they’re most well known for their truffles, chocolate bars, and other treats, they also offer delicious (luxury) drinking chocolate. Other places to get your hot chocolate fix include the Taste Belize Shop, and Mahogany Artisan Handmade Chocolate.

4. Meatpies

meat pies

Picture it: it’s a cool and overcast morning in Belize City, perhaps it’s even drizzling. You’re looking for something warm and rich to help you start your day. Your search, ultimately, leads you to one of the city’s many popular meat pie spots.

This incredibly popular breakfast food is best eaten when it’s hot. With it’s flaky and golden crust and tasty meat filling, it paints the perfect picture of a comforting Belizean delicacy.

5. Bread Pudding

Honestly, many Belizean desserts and breads are comforting no matter what the weather is like. But nothing beats a warm slice of bread pudding.  A simple solution for getting rid of leftover bread, this classic baked dessert is rich with milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Talk about comfort!

Rainy weather might mean you can’t go outside for a bit. But it’s also one of the best excuses to stay inside and indulge in your most beloved foods. What are some of your favorite Belizean delicacies?

Feature Photo by Amanda Lim via Unsplash

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