What to Know Before Buying Your Dream Home in Belize in 2023

by Larry Waight

If you have decided that Belize is where you want to spend the best parts of your life, choosing the country is a fine starting point. The next step in finding a place to create your ultimate dream home is figuring out a location. With that in mind, here are some things any potential investor or future Belize resident should take into consideration when looking into the Belize real estate market.


Belize is a tropical paradise. And if you want the best opportunity to keep your little slice of that paradise as lush, vibrant, and thriving as the moment you spotted it, you’ll want to choose a sustainable outlet.

Carmelita Gardens is one of the more notable communities in Belize. It was established and managed to endure, with a strong focus on green-minded sustainability. Such places do their best to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding area, minimizing the effects of developing the land for housing. In an ideal situation, you also won’t need to worry about anything like a water bill. That’s because truly sustainable communities will have reservoirs to hold onto rain and river water.


Unless you’re looking to live out your days in total isolation, you’ll want to choose a locale close to many of the amenities of civilization. Carmelita Gardens is located within the Cayo District, set beside meandering rivers found within the western border district.

This district is a relatively more agricultural area. But, it does have two major highways connecting to other portions of the country. In the unlikely event that you cannot get what you need within the community, you can easily head out to Belmopan or Belize City. Additionally, Carmelita Gardens’ proximity to the river means that you can easily catch some fish or go swimming and canoeing. Furthermore, Guatemala is just a stone’s throw away if you ever want to visit the Maya ruins found in that country like Yaxhá and Tikal.

Plus, no matter which location you choose for your Belize dream home, you’re guaranteed to have a view of the Belizean landscape that few places can beat.


Along with allowing you to connect with others, a dream home should allow you to unwind however you like. Carmelita Gardens is a place that encourages its residents to do as much or as little as they want. You can easily start a garden, go fishing, or head out to ancient Maya sites like Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, El Pilar, and Caracol. Even if you somehow grow bored of the specific activities available in the Cayo District, you can make an entire week of day trips exploring the various glories that the rest of Belize has to offer, like the Great Blue Hole, Belize Barrier Reef, and the many nature and marine reserves connected to the country.

Attitude Adjustment

While this topic might be a bit concerning at first glance, it is worth reiterating that life in Belize flows at a different pace than what many are used to. Belizeans tend to take life at a leisurely pace. People who tend to rush through things might be mocked for trying to get through the day as quickly as they can. When you choose a place like Carmelita Gardens to relax and unwind, expect to adopt that level of activity as a lifestyle.

Choose Carmelita Gardens as Your Dream Home Location

The ideal home, for vacation or retirement, allows you to do whatever you want to do. And, it allows you to do so at as relaxed a pace as you want. Plus, it will have you surrounded by people with a similar approach to life. For all these reasons and more, Carmelita Gardens is among the best possible venues for your dream home within the tropics.

All Images courtesy Carmelita Gardens

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