Belize Chocolate Festival 2020!

by McNab Editorial Team

Calling all Chocolate Lovers!

Save the Date!

This year makes the 13th anniversary for the Chocolate Festival.

This three-day festival, held in Toledo, is a significant cultural event, in appreciation of the cocoa production in Belize.

Cacao, also known as “Kakaw”, is regarded as the food of the gods, holding great cultural significance for the ancient Maya culture. The harvesting of cacao is an ancient practice passed down from generations and is deeply rooted in Belize’s heritage.

Today, we celebrate the cacao bean with the Chocolate Festival. Local cacao producers take the event as an opportunity to share some of their finest crafted chocolate products.

Countless infused chocolate dishes and cocktails will be available. Your taste buds will run wild as you indulge in all the chocolate treats available. The Belikin Chocolate Stout is one product especially made for the festival that you should try!

Chocolate Stout

Something for Everyone

As you stroll by different stalls, you are sure to be lured in by the delightful smell of all things chocolate.

Your taste buds will run wild as you indulge in all the chocolate treats available. From the bean to the bar, you can also get the inside scoop on the process of chocolate making.

The festival is complemented with a street fair with live music, games, and other entertainment, making for a fun day out with the family!

How to get there:

The Chocolate Festival takes place down South in Toledo District.

The quickest way to get there is by flying with Maya Island Air or Tropic to Punta Gorda. If you have time on your hands, take the scenic route and drive. Whether catching a local bus or renting a car the drive is roughly four and a half to five hours from Belize City. James Bus Line also offers an express service to Punta Gorda, making for the best economical option.

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