Creepy Crawly Halloween Adventures in Cayo, Belize

by Vivian Roe

October is the month of hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. And why not add a dash of hocus pocus and creepy crawlies? This article is dedicated to seeking out the Halloween adventures in Belize. These will make your heart race and your skin crawl in the best way possible! From discovering the depths of Mayan underworld to activities under the nighttime sky, here are some of our top Belize adventures inspired by Halloween. Each are available to book courtesy of Cayo Gial Tours at San Ignacio Resort Hotel, both certified with a Gold Standard Seal of Approval.

Creepy Crawly Critters of The Night Tour

San Ignacio – Golden Orbweaver

Strap on your headlight and take an after dark hike for a chance to see the critters of the night. On this tour, you’ll spot creepy crawlers such as leaf cutter ants, wolf spiders, orb waver spiders and cicadas. Also look out for scorpions, tarantulas, opossums and owls. You may even be lucky and see the sly Kinkajou or Gray Fox! Whilst exploring the trails, you also travel back in time as you witness an authentic Maya chultun. This underground storage chamber is located right within the property of San Ignacio Resort. Certainly, this on-site tour is suitably dark and spooky!

Hang out with Belize’s Very Own Green Monsters

Luis and a juvenile Green Iguana.

Luis and a juvenile Green Iguana.

Whilst not monsters exactly, we can see why hanging out with the magnificent green iguanas may be kind of scary. This tour however blends fun with education. Located on-site at San Ignacio Resort, the Green Iguana Conservation Project is an interactive exhibit that gives visitors a closer look at the life of these not so creepy crawlers. The venture aims to conserve and look after the endangered species by educating the public about the role green iguanas play in the ecosystem.

Green Iguana CONSERVATION PROJECT at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Green Iguana CONSERVATION PROJECT at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Here, visitors of all ages are given the opportunity to mingle with these wonderful reptiles and also, learn about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process done at the project. You’ll see its more fun than frights after all!

Delve into the Mayan Afterlife at the ATM Cave

atm cave

This full day tour is a mixture of enchanting and eerie and not for the faint of heart. Actun Tunichil Muknal has been featured on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and History Channel. Here, guests can delve into the Mayan afterlife. The 3-mile long cave features burial chambers, Maya artifacts, intact calcified human remains, and slate stelaes that were used for burials. The darkness, shadows and supernatural blend to make this one of our top Halloween adventures in Belize.

Hubble, Bubble, Potions & Trouble

Not exactly potions mixed by witches in cauldrons, but our version of! For centuries, the Maya used local plants and herbs because of their ability to heal numerous illnesses and pains. These included stomach aches, fever, chicken pox, botflies, allergies, and many more. Found within the 17-acre private estate of San Ignacio Resort, this guided tour will take you through an insightful tour of natural remedies and a hands-on workshop. Your experienced guide will explain the features of the plants and their history on a guided walk. Then, the tour follows with a Tea Tasting experience within a traditional Maya hut from plants hand-picked during the walk. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn more about their use, craft your own tea potion!

In addition to the above, San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers a host of other safe and socially- distanced adventures. The resort is amongst the recognized Gold Standard Hotels in Cayo. It reopened to guests as of October 1, 2020For more information on these adventures or to book San Ignacio Resort Hotel, visit their website. All photos not captioned courtesy of San Ignacio Resort Hotel. 

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