Visitors to Belize Won’t Have to Quarantine Upon Arrival

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Unlike some Caribbean destinations, foreign travelers to Belize will be allowed to skip a mandatory quarantine on arrival and safely vacation. Tourists can roam responsibly inside its Tourism Safe Corridor, continually, once they are negative on arrival for COVID-19. Foreign travelers are encouraged to submit a negative PCR Test, taken within 72 hours of travel; or, must undergo a double rapid test on arrival. Visitors with a negative PCR Test within 72 hours of travel to Belize can ‘fast track’ through the international airport. Meanwhile, those without will need to undergo a double rapid test inside the airport’s health clinic and proceed to exit towards your Gold Standard accommodation; test results will be delivered to you at your hotel where, if positive, you will quarantine until cleared negative by the Ministry of Health.


All visitors to Belize are required to download the Belize Travel Health App on their mobile phone and fill in their registration information within 72 hours of departure. Once completed, users are issued a unique QR code identification. The app’s purpose is to enable Belize’s Ministry of Health to provide timely communications and facilitate contact-tracing, if need be. Belize, which requires everyone to wear masks in public places, officially opened its air border on October 1.

Which test will I need to take in Belize’s airport clinic?

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International travelers without a negative COVID-19 test must undergo rapid testing before being cleared to enter Belize. Results can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes of taking the test, at the cost of the passenger’s expense. The rapid tests are reserved for international visitors only; this includes a Rapid Antigen Test (nasal swab) and an Antibody IgG/IgM combo test (finger prick blood test). Both take approximately 5 to 15 minutes for the patient to receive their results. All foreign tourists will proceed with immigration and customs before exiting into the Tourism Safe Corridor; test results are delivered to you at your Gold Standard accommodation, where you would remain for quarantine if testing positive on arrival to Belize.

Vacationing inside Belize’s Tourism Safe Corridor

During this initial phase of reopening, tourists in Belize are recommended to vacation inside its Tourism Safe Corridor. But what exactly is Belize’s Tourism Safe Corridor? As the entire overnight tourism sector moves towards “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognitiondenoted with a seal of approvalthose within the Safe Corridor are open during Belize’s Phase 3. Inside, hotels, restaurants and tour operators have achieved Belize’s 9-point program for enhanced health and safety standards; by adapting new behaviors and procedures, both employees and travelers can be confident in Belize’s tourism product. Though those completing the 9-point program are awarded with a Gold Standard Seal of Approval, not every accommodation is inside the corridor. This seal certifies industry stakeholders who’ve embraced the safety protocols. This will be visible for all guests where practical; such as tour operator vehicles and vessels, hotel lobbies, primary doors of entry, etc. 


Travel regulations and requirements are subject to change as new developments in COVID-19 arise. It is important to visit before booking travel or visiting Belize. This blog was updated on October 28, 2020.

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