Belize Iz Officially Open Today!

by Carolee Chanona

Belize is now open for tourism! Belize officially reopens to travelers today, with limited flights on United, American, and Delta entering the country (land borders currently remain closed). All travelers are required to test negative for COVID-19. Travelers have the option to present a PCR test taken within 96 hours of arrival to Belize, or be tested at the airport for US$50. Meanwhile, tourists may only stay at certified Gold Standard Hotels (list here) approved inside Belize’s Tourism Safe Corridor. Hotels are reopening in phases, and the first set of approved hotels that will be open October 1 are those that provide full service and amenities for guests; this including airport transport, isolated tours, pool or beach access, and in-house restaurants or food delivery.

Belize Travel Advisory: Read Here

Travelers can safely explore popular tourism sites alongside their Gold Standard certified Tour Operator, or visit other Gold Standard Hotels for dining reservations. Social distancing and face masks are required in public. Regardless of travel category, Belizean nationals, residents, homeowners, retirees, and long stay non-nationals must all test negative for COVID-19. To manage possible contact tracing, Belize is using the Belize Travel Health app (mandatory for all visitors to download within the 72 hours of arrival the country). Here, travelers are expected to upload hotel confirmations, test results, and health check-ins. At opening, anyone testing positive on arrival to Belize is required to quarantine for 14 days at the traveler’s expense.

Belize Traveler Classification & Entry Requirements: Read Here

Open for Travel: Why Visit Belize

Rio Blanco Falls water

Rio Blanco Falls. Photo via IG @tahneealanawilson

Perched in eastern Central America while facing the Western Caribbean, Belize is a tiny but mighty destination packing adventure. After all, this bite-sized beauty is the only nation in Central America without a Pacific coastline, boasting over 200 islands and the world’s second-longest barrier reef. However, the most extraordinary natural wonder to discover on a trip to Belize is the Great Blue Hole, one of the world’s most famous scuba diving sites.

Meanwhile, Belize’s wild jungle interior provides a natural adventure playground; Mayan Ruins concealed within the rainforest offer an insight into fascinating history. For the adventurous traveler, the mountains, forests, rivers, and canyons of Belize lend themselves perfectly to adrenaline-charged activities; such as caving, rappelling, tubing, and trekking. Besides staying in a remote jungle lodge? Enjoy morning coffee off your balcony as the fog rolls over the Maya Mountains. Not to mention, wholesome breakfast with fresh tropical fruits – you’ll need the fuel for adventures ahead. With 80% of the rainforest under some government protection, much remains unexplored. While Belize is now open for leisurely travel, all this—plus more—await.

Travel regulations and requirements are subject to change as new developments in COVID-19 arise. It is important to visit before booking travel or visiting Belize. Editor’s note: this article was originally published on October 1, 2020, and updated on December 20, 2020, with entry requirements.

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