Travellers Liquors Unveils Two New Special Edition Rums

by Khaila Gentle

For seventy years, Travellers Liquors Limited has been championing the art of rum making in Belize and has even garnered international renown through a slew of well-deserved awards. For those who are lovers of this local family-owned distillery, the recent launch of not one but two new limited edition rums will come as exhilarating news. On September 6th, Travellers celebrated its 70th anniversary in style – with a special unveiling of two new products to be added to the company’s already diverse lineup of spirits.

Travellers Liquors Presents: the Wolf Edition Rum 

“The Wolf” was the nickname given to the late Romel Perdomo. He is the son of Travellers founder Don Omario Perdomo. And, along with his brother Jaime “Myito” Perdomo, he took over the family business after his father.


“What started as a dream of a young entrepreneur has grown into a proud Belizean family company.”

-Mrs. Magali Gabb Perdomo, Travellers General Manager

This newest Belize rum is extremely smooth and highly complex: the embodiment of the attention to detail that the Travellers brand is known for. It was aged for a total of twelve years in ex-bourbon casks. Then, it was rested for another year in ex-sherry casks.

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Honoring Travellers’ Founder With A Special Reserve Rum

Don Omario

Don Omario Perdomo

Those familiar with the Travellers Liquors legacy might already have the Don Omario Vintage Blend in their collection. It was released in 2008 in honor of the 10th anniversary of the passing of Don Omario Perdomo.


Travellers was born from a boy’s ambition to provide for his family.

-Ms Perla Perdomo, Travellers Chairlady


To commemorate their 70th anniversary, the distillery decided that they would improve upon that beloved Don Omario Blend. Already aged 15 years, it was aged for three more years in port casks. This makes the new Don Omario Special Reserve XO the oldest rum ever released by Travellers.

Complex and utterly delightful, at 50% alcohol by volume, it offers notes of cherries, fruit cake, vanilla, and toasted coconut. On the palate, those imbibing can expect hints of butterscotch, caramel, vanilla, and oak.

“The Travellers Heritage is one with its roots in the entrepreneurial spirit of Don Omario Perdomo,” said Travellers Chairlady Perla Perdomo at the launch. And, she couldn’t be any more right.

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle joins the Travellers Liquors family in celebrating 70 years of Belizean excellence!

Featured Photo by Travellers Liquors Ltd. 

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