What It’s Really Like To Visit Belize in November

by Gisselle Hernandez
snake caye roeming belize

Belize’s high season is nearly upon us and with it, a plethora of activities and traditions to look forward to. This tropical destination in November is not significantly different than when visiting at any other time of the year. However, there is still something special about traveling at the very end of the rainy season. The entire vibe of the country is buzzing with the upcoming year, however bittersweet it may be. With the holiday season looming ahead and the need to get out of the house and travel again—besides falling temperatures in North America—people are more than excited to see what a visit to Belize in November has to offer.

November Weather in Belize.


Solaced by the sea. Image via Coco Plum Island Resort.

Perhaps one of the most highly searched phrases is, “What’s the weather like in Belize?” Well, my friend, you hit the jackpot when visiting in November. The temperature cools down considerably, and rain rarely makes an appearance. The climate continues to be a bit warm — as Belize is a tropical country — but gone are the scorching 90s of summertime. Cool 70s tease perhaps of an upcoming cold front and the promise of sweater weather make Belizeans anticipate the coming season. Belize in November is the ideal time to do outdoor activities that you wouldn’t want to risk a sunburn in the summer, like island exploration, beach bumming, and more. 

Cultural events. 

friendly smiles Duarte drums Garifuna teach

Warm smiles await. Photo courtesy Duarte Dellarole

One of Belize’s biggest national holidays is held in November. Every November 19th, Belize commemorates the arrival of the Garifunas on Belize’s shores. Known as Garifuna Settlement Day, this special holiday is embedded deeply in Belize’s history, and the entire country observes it as a public and bank holiday.

The Garifuna are a culturally vibrant and melodic culture, often associated with drums, colorful clothing, and spectacular dances. If you’re visiting in November, you’ll get a chance to witness the moving choreography in the flesh when attending the countrywide festivities. Drummers, dancers, and Garifuna singers often perform at different resorts and events around this time. It’s a historical moment you do not want to miss. 

The tail-end of shoulder season. 

Matachica roeming belize ambergris san pedro

Kickback in your private hammock at Matachica Resort. Image via ROEming Belize

Visiting Belize in November also marks the start of the high season. This means if you come early enough, you’ll notice the gradual change of the industry leaving shoulder season behind. This is an optimal time to grab those last-minute pre-high season deals, like hotel discounts, special tour offers, and crowd-free attractions.

breakfaSt poolside victoria house ambergris caye

Breakfast on vacation means eating poolside at Victoria House Resort & Spa. Image courtesy property.

During a visit to Belize in November, restaurants and tour operators begin to open their shutters in anticipation of the many visitors traveling for winter. Not to mention, coming in November allows you to beat the masses just so, while still enjoying the newly opened or renovated award-winning resorts and sites. 

Header image of the idyllic Snake Cayes on a calm day. Image courtesy ROEming Belize

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