Make Up For Lost Time: Say Yes to Belize in 2022

by Gisselle Hernandez

In the blink of an eye, the year 2021 came and went—and with it, some reservations that people had on traveling again. Travel trend reports sprung up as the year came to an end, with most reiterating one dire fact beyond Belize that promises to rule 2022: time has changed drastically. Not only in regards to a pandemic that forced new precautions when visiting new countries but in overall travel intent. Folks no longer are vying to experience cookie-cutter itineraries, and destinations are starting to take notice. Deeper, more conscious travel is being sought out, no matter the destination. In fact, many travelers care more about what type of vacation they experience than where they vacation.

Frontier Airlines lands its inaugural flight at PGIA in December 2021. Image via Belize Tourism Board’s latest trend report stated as much. According to the online travel resource, more people are simply saying “yes” to a vacation after travel plans were put on hold for so long. The report showed the number of people who feel like they need to make up for lost vacation time has grown from 42 percent to 63 percent. In total, 72 percent said they’d say “yes” to any vacation so long as their budget allowed. This shows the eagerness globetrotters have to be on the move again. They want easy, fast, fun, and different vacations. 

Ranguana Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort. Image by Dylan Hetelle

After being locked up for so long, travelers are willing to board any plane that promises to land where there’s sun, sand, and sea. Luckily, they won’t need to go very far. 

Saying Yes to Belize

Drone_HoneyMoon_DuarteDellarole- Ray Caye belize

Enjoy oceanfront views from your private plunge pool in Ray Caye’s romantic Honeymoon Suite.

Belize sits just below Mexico, making it easily accessible to North American jet-setters. Most major airports in the United States offer direct flights to the Caribbean country. There have also been new airline routes added in late 2021, with two new airlines offering flights to Belize. After gazing longingly at overwater bungalows on Pinterest all of 2021, you’ll be glad to know you don’t need to take the absurdly long flight to the Maldives to stay in one. Belize has its own set of these extraordinary abodes, making it even easier to say “yes” to a Belize honeymoon, buddy moon, or even solo vacation.  

Easy Breezy Vacation

Bungalows surround the pool at Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas.

For something even easier, opt to stay at an all-inclusive resort where every single thing will be taken care of. You can bring your entire family if you wish when staying at places like Sirenian Bay Resort or Sunbreeze Suites. These family-focused resorts take the hassle out of planning and organizing a trip with multiple people. Another thing that makes a quick Belize trip convenient is the fact that English is the official language – so no Google Translating on tours. Mass tourism is also unheard of, so Maya sites and beaches are all yours for exploring. If there are last-minute additions to your itinerary, the country’s modest size allows for quick transfers to and from destinations. 

It’s Time To Discover off-the-beaten-track Belize in 2022

western-caribbean-islands-crystal-caves-belize’s report also shared 61 percent of travelers are now more open to different types of vacations. Belize has been way ahead of other destinations in this regard. Travelers are lured in by the stunning beachscapes and rich blue waters, but they stay for the unexpected. When it comes to versatility and depth, Belize knows no bound. A vast array of cultures, traditions, cuisines, events, festivals, attractions, and more contribute to the make-up of the country.

You only need to step outside the airport and you’ll notice an air of distinctiveness that you wouldn’t find in other destinations. And that feeling is reflected throughout your trip, with a diversity of tour guides, hotel stays, and rich cultural environments. Although after all this time, we still haven’t convinced you to say “yes” to Belize in 2022, don’t take our word alone. Last year, Belize topped the list of many major publications in Best Places to Visit in 2022. Take a look at them here

Header image via The Lodge at Jaguar Reef, a Belize Collection resort

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