Why You Should Book a Luxury Nature Retreat at One of These Belize Resorts

by Khaila Gentle

Nothing beats being able to hit pause for a while and reset with a healing getaway to somewhere calm, quiet, and preferably green. The folks over at TripAdvisor seem to agree, having curated a list of some of the top luxury nature retreats in the world. Among them are two of Belize’s best options for a rejuvenating escape. Here’s why you should look to Gaia Riverlodge and Muy’ono Resorts’ Copal Tree Lodge for a luxurious getaway that will soothe your soul and ease your tired mind.

Waterfalls and Sunsets at Gaia Riverlodge

Photo by ROEming Belize

When everyone gathers on the deck of the Five Sisters Restaurant, you’ll likely already know what time it is: time to sit back and enjoy one of mother nature’s most spectacular light shows. The sunsets at Gaia Riverlodge are picturesque, and the lodge itself is just as captivating.

Here, the sounds of rushing waterfalls lull guests to sleep. And, they awaken to the sight of misty pine forests all around. Beyond just its natural environment, though, Gaia’s cozy cabanas, farm-fresh meals, and engaging tours all make for a dream luxury nature retreat.

As TripAdvisor put it, you can “spend hours lazing on sun loungers by the water”. Or, you can opt for exploring the stunning Mountain Pine Ridge Nature Reserve. The choice is yours.

Jungle Escapes and Epicurean Treats at Copal Tree Lodge

One of the individual suites at Copal Tree Lodge. Image via Life & Thyme

Muy’Ono Resorts’ Copal Tree Lodge is “more than a luxe jungle resort in Punta Gorda,” says TripAdvisor. And we are inclined to agree. This stunning property sits tucked away in a 12,000-acre nature reserve and comes complete with an organic farm and distillery. That’s right, Copal Tree Lodge even makes its own rum.  Revel in being surrounded by miles and miles of lush greenery as you indulge in fresh farm-to-table meals or take some time to learn how to craft your own chocolate truffles.

Book a stay perched over a magnificent waterfall. Or, book a retreat to an eco-lodge tucked away in the jungle. Regardless of which you are more inclined to choose, your luxury nature retreat awaits in Belize.

Featured Photo by Muy’Ono Resorts

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