Airlines offer 2 Years of Refunds & Rebookings

by Larry Waight

If you had your heart set on a trip to Belize that has now been thwarted by the coronavirus, you’re not alone. Millions of travelers are seeking help from airlines with flight changes, flight cancellations, and refunds. Thankfully, airlines are being more flexible and easing up on many restrictions when it comes to changing your travel plans.

Airlines are offering up to 2 years of flexibility with cancelled flights because of Coronavirus

All of the airlines that fly to Belize are making some sort of accommodation to you for your canceled flight. If you purchased your ticket on American, United, or Delta airlines, you are eligible to change your travel dates without paying change fees. If you decide that you can’t reschedule your trip to Belize, these airlines will allow you to cancel your trip and apply the cost of your ticket to a future purchase. Airlines are making exceptions and are allowing these changes to the economy or non-refundable tickets. If you used your frequent flyer miles to obtain your ticket, the airlines will put the miles back into your account. Southwest Airlines has an existing policy of allowing you to change your ticket without a fee.

Airlines are also realizing that some people may not be able to reschedule within the one-year time frame typically given. More importantly, the coronavirus may still be with us in a year. Delta, for example, is giving its costumers up to two years to reschedule their flights. All airlines have restrictions on timelines for booking future flights. Make sure you check each airline’s policy before deciding to change your itinerary. 

The Future is Unpredictable

Because every day that we’re dealing with the coronavirus means something different, our responses are ever-changing. Airlines can’t predict what the future months will hold, so they continue to try to serve the public as best they can. Many airlines are offering low-cost fares to places like Belize to encourage people to travel. However, if you buy a ticket today for a flight to Belize in August, you may have to cancel it. Airlines are continuing to change their policies around flight cancellations to be more flexible and accommodating as this situation evolves.

We all look forward to the day when we can get back to some sort of normalcy. This includes being able to travel freely and safely. Once the pandemic is over, you may feel the need to get out and see the world. Many airlines will continue their flexibility and gradually resume domestic and international flights. When they do, Belize, with its warm tropical breezes and sun-soaked beaches, will be waiting for you.

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