We’re taking you through an insider’s perspective on why Belize should be your next vacation destination to visit!

Diverse Adventures for Everyone

Imagine a country steeped in antiquity, chock-full of vibrant native cultures that span millennia, and packed with jaw-dropping natural beauty. Now, picture ancient Mayan temples hidden deep in the jungle. Pristine white beaches, lined with palm trees. Bioluminescent bays that glow magically as you swim in total darkness beneath a blanket of stars. Miles-long cave systems containing archaeological evidence of ancient human sacrifices. Rivers and reefs whose shores and shoals teem with a multitude of exotic plants and wildlife. No matter what your outdoor passion, Belize has all that and much more!

English Makes It Easy to Visit Belize

visit Half Moon Caye belize signs

Lunch at Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. Photo by Ramon’s Village Resort

Exploring Belize as a North American is as exciting as it is simple, in no small part because the official first language is English. That means you can read all the signs, have total confidence in your financial transactions, and understand all the locals; plus, they can understand you. Although regional dialects range across the country from Spanish in the north and west (near Mexico and Guatemala, respectively) to a variety of Creole in the central and eastern portions of the country, English is the language of tourism and commerce. As a result, it makes local cultural experiences richer, because you can communicate fluently. A little bit of traveler’s Spanish can’t hurt, but you’ll definitely be able to enjoy yourself without. If you like to dive into local cultures, this common language will carry you far.

Visit Belize For Budgets


Garnaches are a street-food favorite in Belize. Photo by Flavors of Belize

Coming from the land of US$14 salads and US$6 waters in basically every airport in America, Belize is astonishingly affordable. While you can certainly splurge and spend as much as you could ever want on luxury accommodations, you can do a fantastic job feeding and housing two adults for under US$100 a day. Throw in a few activities and big-ticket items like a Jeep rental, and it’s STILL less expensive than staying at home in most American cities. Given the diversity of activities and amazing locations, it’s hard to imagine any other country with better value for your tourist dollar. Regardless of what level of amenities you are seeking, you can guarantee you’ve never been taken better care of at that price point.

We thoroughly enjoyed staying in both budget and luxury accommodations on our journey, and while the price point dictated certain levels of sophistication, we felt equally as well cared for in both.

Warm, Wonderful People

visit san Antonio belize

Pottery making with the San Antonio Women’s Group. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board.

The common thread throughout our authentic Belize experience is, without a doubt, the people of Belize, who are delightful and warm. Sharing a language with them is thoroughly enjoyable if you take the opportunity to do so, and is the key to unlocking a true local experience. Drinking coffee at Kat’s with local women each morning in Hopkins, for example, is a fantastic way to learn about the best food, tours, and adventures from the local perspective, and also learn about what it’s like to be Belizean. In contrast, our private tour of the amazing and luxurious Lodge at Chaa Creek with the equally amazing owner, Mick Flemming, was itself a history lesson from the time when Belize transitioned from British Honduras into what you see today.

If you seek authenticity in your travels, interacting with the people of Belize is your path. Plus, its also a great way to bolster your experience beyond the highlights in the travel books.

Fast, Sometimes Cheap, Flights

visit belize great blue hole

An aerial view like no other: the Great Blue Hole. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Last, but certainly not least, is Belize’s proximity to the United States. Belize is a non-stop or one-stop flight for several major American cities, which means that even in high season, fares tend to be reasonable. It’s often possible to find flights and accommodations for a week in Belize that cost less than a typical transatlantic flight to Europe. During the tourism season, forget the UK, Spain, or Italy – Belize wins the affordability contest by a wide margin. Because it has so much to offer in a geographically small area, traversing the country in search of something new and exciting need not bankrupt your vacation budget, unlike the vast majority of Caribbean or European destinations requiring planes, trains, and automobiles. No matter what your purpose is when you vacation – if you fancy yourself the next Indiana Jones, the next Jaques Cousteau, or maybe just next in line for the rum punch and a massage (we’re not judging!), Belize has an absolutely perfect option for you.
Written by Cassius Wright for the 2020 Belize Gold Book
Feature photo courtesy of Duarte Dellarole Photography. Article found on page 24 of the 2020 Belize Gold Book.

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