Travel Essentials When Visiting the Islands in Belize

by McNab Editorial Team

Essentials when visiting Belize during sunny weather

You certainly don’t want to be traveling with a lot of luggage to the islands. It’s always best to pack lightly so that you can travel faster and more efficiently when going around your destination. Keep in mind that it’s also very hot and humid so you’d want to dress as comfortable as you can. Here are some tips on what to bring when traveling to the islands in Belize:

1. Swimwear and Sunscreen

Of course, if you’re going to the islands you’d want to swim so bring a couple of swimwear that is comfortable for you. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to look like a lobster so make sure to bring your sunscreen or you can buy it at any store. If you prefer not to use sunscreen then rashguards or long sleeves would work best, anything that wouldn’t take long to get dry.

2. Hats!

A nice beach hat to protect yourskin from the sun. It also adds a touch to your outfit!

3. Shoes!

Of course, you’d want something on your feet but what is the best footwear? You may ask. It all depends where exactly you’ll be but if your traveling on a boat then it would be a must to have shoes with good grip. Flip flops are good when taking a walk in the sand but if you’re walking long distances then a good pair of soft shoes would be better. You’d also want to bring more than one pair of each just in the case of it getting dirty or falls apart.

4. Sunglasses

You’ll definitely need a pair of sunglasses if you’ll be out in the sun. It does get really bright. So to protect your eyes a pair of sunglasses would be perfect. A suggestion would be to get sunglasses straps just in case your in a boat or on a dock trying to look down. You wouldn’t want your sunglasses falling off into the sea.

5. Backpack

Backpack for your personal belongings and a different bag to place your wet clothes in. When you’re out on the island you would want to have a backpack or a purse to keep your personal things so that you don’t have a lot in your hands. After your swim, it would be best to have another bag to put your wet clothes in so that it doesn’t wet your other things.

6. Money and Credit Card

The question that a lot of visitors ask is what is the currency in Belize. You can always exchange money at the bank but it is much easier if you bring U.S dollars because mostly all places in Belize accepts it. As many may know, credit cards are always the safest way to carry money. Most major credit cards are used in Belize and sometimes MasterCards and Visas are the ones that are accepted the most.

note: If your planning on snorkeling or diving, you can always rent gears or buy the needed items at a gift shop or dive shop.

Here’s a summary of the travel essentials:

Written by CC+L editorial team
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