Introducing Travellers Liquors’ Ruta Maya Rum: There’s Something for Everyone in This New Collection

by Khaila Gentle

What do you get when you combine a rich heritage, a commitment to sustainability, and the talents of master blenders? A new lineup of premium Belizean rums just launched, and having been distilled and bottled by local rum maker Travellers Liquors, the Ruta Maya Rum collection is sure to delight. 

 A Tribute to Belize’s Maya Heritage 

The La Ruta Maya River Challenge. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

Those who are fans of all things Belize might be familiar with the adrenaline-fueled, 170-mile-long challenge that is La Ruta Maya. But did you know that the race – and the waterway on which it takes place – is rooted in rich Belizean History? 


Ruta Maya Rum is a vibrant tribute to the rich heritage of Belize. 


The Old Belize River once served as a vital route of passage and trade for Belize’s ancient Maya society – a nugget of history that both the river challenge and the new Ruta Maya Belizean Rum collection aim to honor.  The infused rums were unveiled to the public on October 20th, but the idea behind them goes back eight years, to a chance meeting between Travellers Executive Chairperson Perla Perdomo and high-end liquor distributor, Boutique Brands Ltd., in London.

According to Perdomo, that meeting would lead to the creation of a line of rums that would appeal to both the local and international markets. Fast-forward to today, and Ruta Maya Rum is a collaboration between Travellers Liquors and the U.K.-based seller of spirits, liqueurs, and wines. 

Four Flavors to Delight the Tastebuds

Photo Credit: Traveller Liquors Ltd

Spanning a diverse range of flavors, the Ruta Maya Rum collection currently offers four different infused rums – cocolime, coffee, rum ouro, and rum blanco. With notes of lightly toasted, creamy coconut and fresh lime zest, Cocolime is a double-filtered light rum that’s as silky as it is warming. Meanwhile La Ruta Maya Coffee – infused with roasted coffee beans – is deep, intense, and boasts a buttery smooth finish that’ll “leave you craving more”.

On the “wiser” side of things is Rum Ouro – gold rum crafted from a natural blend of rums aged 3-5 years in ex-Kentucky bourbon casks. Enjoy hints of butterscotch and charcoal, alongside a refreshing citrus fruit finish. 

Lastly, Ruta Maya Rum Blanco is a (subtly) sweet white rum crafted from locally-sourced Fairtrade Certified molasses. 

Each comes in a bottle that’s much different from Traveller’s usual rums but iconic nonetheless: sleek and minimalistic, with labeling that’s a visible nod to Belize’s Maya heritage. 

Not only are these new additions to Travellers’ already impressive Rolodex of premium rums sure to be delicious, but their creation (and production) is also rooted in sustainability. According to the rum company, a portion of the Ruta Maya Rum profits is dedicated to safeguarding the rivers, waterways, and biodiversity of Belize.

Featured Photo courtesy of Travellers Liquors Ltd

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