A bustling and energetic place, San Pedro town is also a great place to explore on honeymoon. San Pedranos greet you with a tilt of the head and a smile along the streets that are dotted with restaurants, bars, boutiques, and gift shops. Discover the town’s vibrant culture together.

Escape into a state of mind that allows you to experience life with newfound ardor in San Pedro. The melody of “La Isla Bonita”, reverberates through you. Listen to the soft sounds of the sea lapping on the shore, offset by the distant rumble of waves meeting the reef. Palm trees rustle as salt air blows through your hair and seagulls announce the time of the day.

Get swept off your feet in San Pedro.

Activities to bond over are numerous. Take your elation to new heights and whisk your partner away on a helicopter tour of the island. Take in the view of the surrounding coral reef. Sail away on a sunset cruise and embrace the dimming light of day. Make life plans with a picturesque backdrop of golden amber and magenta skies.

A Romantic Stay

Private Beach Dinners at Las Terrazas

Unwinding in your own seaside refuge, at luxury resorts like Las Terrazas. Handcrafted mahogany hardwood furniture, plush linens, and personal plunge pools invite desire to mind.

As night falls and the stars fill the sky, a table for two at O Restaurant at Las Terrazas Resort awaits you. Dress to entice, as the atmosphere here is all about savoring the moment. Relish a fusion of the Caribbean and Central American cuisine on the Rooftop Sky Lounge, accompanied by delicious cocktails.

Walking barefoot along the perfectly manicured garden’s pathway that leads to the beach is the best way to end the night. Stare off into the navy colored waters from the wooden pier underneath the glow of the knowing moon.

There are simply some things that are inherently inspiring when it comes to love —environments that feel like conductors of passion.

Original Article By: Drea Reneau

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