Belize Reef Week 2020

by McNab Editorial Team

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the Belize Barrier Reef! The theme of reef week 2020 is “true true reef love means yuh stay involved!” Reef Week has been on in Belize since 2013 and will continue to be celebrated for a week of the year. Organizations come together to celebrate “Reef Week” by hosting a series of events. This fun week is filled with activities ranging from intense to relaxing, guaranteeing an enjoyable time.

Celebrating the Seventh Anniversary of Reef Week in Belize

Since the Barrier Reef is under threat and pressure from different elements, something needed to be done to protect our natural wonder. The reef has always been something special to this country because of its beauty and significance to the people. As it relates to tourism and the fishing industry, the reef provides millions of dollars in income. To get the majority of the country to help and realize the importance to protect the reef can contribute to a longer life span for the reef.

Reef Week 2020 is a week full of fun events all contributing to the awareness of our national resources. Below is the schedule for reef week. Everyone is welcome to join and make this event successful.

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