Caribbean Countries are not a high risk level for travelers according to the CDC

by McNab Editorial Team

To date, there are only a handful of countries that the CDC have placed on a non-essential travel list due to the coronavirus. These countries are as follows: China, Iran, Italy and South Korea. Read the Full list and details here.

The Caribbean is far from the core of the coronavirus. Authorities throughout Caribbean countries are following all advisories and regulations both for their citizens and their visitors to ensure that the coronavirus does not make its way to the Caribbean, and that if the unfortunate would happen that all precautionary measures have been taken to implement proper handling. Due to the fact that Caribbean countries tend to have smaller populations, controlling measures are easier to implement and widespread transmission is less likely.

The large surge in travel cancellations throughout the Caribbean is alarming and will play a very big role for businesses that thrive on tourism in the Caribbean region. With the most recent advisory from the U.S. Government regarding cruise travel, it is just the start of the economic downturn for Caribbean tourism, in the middle of what is typically a high tourist season.

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