For film fans aware of Francis Ford Coppola’s award-winning directorial skills, news of his hospitality chops outside the iconic filmmaker’s passion tends to be a surprise. As such, Coppola has made a name for himself throughout the Caribbean region for his upscale resorts. He came up with the idea of owning lush properties while filming his world-famous Apocalypse Now, amid the jungles of Luzon, Philippines.

“I went looking for a jungle paradise closer to home,” he said, and by the early 1980s, he located the ideal nation. Belize had just gained its independence and offered both an ideal vacation home that allowed him a perfect environment in which to write, and ultimately, he decided to become a resort owner, too. 

Beginning with his purchase of the Blancaneaux Lodge as a ‘friends and family retreat’, Coppola then expanded the family holdings to the Turtle Inn, a property he restored to its former glory after it was destroyed by a hurricane. His “empire” has since expanded to a series of showplaces that take advantage of Mother Nature’s Bounty. Stay at one. Visit all of them. Vacationing in Belize with may never be the same after a Coppola Hideaway!

Blancaneaux Lodge

belize jungle lodge blancaneaux
Blancaneaux Lodge nestled within Mountain Pine Ridge.

Called “A dramatic hideaway in a rainforest wonderland,” the Coppola family first opened this retreat to the public in 1993. Ever since, guests swear they’ve arrived in Eden at first glance. This 20-room luxury hideaway is tucked into a dense, flowering jungle within the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Here, Maya people once roamed this lush land. 

Each accommodation is lavished with original furnishings handmade in-country while nothing beats each lodging’s thatched roof for authenticity. From dramatic waterfalls to lavish onsite dining courtesy of award-winning chefs, Blancaneaux Lodge has no equal. Find out for yourself how it feels to vacation in paradise by calling (866) 356-5881 to make your future reservation. 

Turtle Inn

Turtle Inn
The Family Coppola Hideaways in Belize, like Turtle Inn, blend signature Balinese design with Caribbean flair.

For those seeking the ultimate in sugar-white beaches and unspoiled surroundings, Turtle Inn is the place to sojourn ever since 2001. There, the Coppola family vowed to create a refuge for travelers seeking both tranquility and an adventure-filled Belize getaway. 

This intimate, 25-room seafront nirvana, is divided into separate thatched cottages offering unprecedented privacy and intimacy. Interiors are filled with Balinese furnishings that add to the charm and beauty of each enclave. Located in close proximity to the Caribbean Sea and the village of Placencia, gourmet meals are designed to tempt taste buds, but for guests, the biggest treat of all is truly getting away from the pace of life and all of its stressors!

La Lancha

Photos Courtesy: The Family Coppola Hideaways

Imagine yourself lounging in an oversized surrounded by rainforest. You don’t have to imagine it. You can visit La Lancha, a rustic 10-room lodge that sits high above the Lago Petén Itzá shore. This hideaway is not for vacationers who crave crowds. Size alone makes this small slice of heaven one of the most romantic, intimate retreats imaginable. 

You’ll even be close to Maya ruins that offer 3,000 unique structures for exploration. Gourmet food, a world of privacy and a rare opportunity to listen to the silence accompanied only by birds and breezes, La Lancha is the gift you give yourself. Learn more at: (866) 356-5881. 


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