Two Award-Winning Belize Sister Resorts Invite You to the Ultimate Split Vacation

by Larry Waight

Have you waited your whole life to find out how celebs and royalty vacation, but you’re convinced that your budget isn’t exactly accommodating? Choose Belize as your destination and your desire to be treated like royalty for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 can be satisfied by picking two award-winning “sister resorts” as your destinations. Here’s a peek at what you will find in both slices of paradise.

The Resort at Itz’ana

Itz’ana has earned its reputation for “wayward whimsy” the old-fashioned way: Guests dubbed it the “perfect base camp [for] everything wild and wonderful” and proved the statement by treating guests to adventures in unique, one-of-a-kind ways.

From jaguar spotting to sailing the Caribbean, every delight travelers crave “where the reef meets the rainforest,” is accompanied by onsite amenities that range from organic gardens to world-class spa treatments, all obvious reasons The Resort at Itz’ana Belize is running out of room to post the property’s accolades.

The Resort at Ka’ana

There’s no jealousy or competition between these sister resorts because each one is unique. Tucked into Belize’s westernmost jungle, the name is given to this epicenter of style, relaxation, and personalized service. The name? It was taken from nearby ruins of a once-grand community named Ka’ana, which means “Heavenly Place” in Mayan.

An “Adventure desk” is every guest’s passport to thrills and excitement in the form of tours that challenge, inspire, and intrigue. The Resort at Ka’ana is the quintessential respite that matches the proclivities and personalities of a wide range of guests. From equally impressive amenities to service that impresses, this destination has it all.

Why split your stay?

It’s the single most intelligent way to take a vacation if you’re fascinated by Belize’s diversity and want to pack more into a single trip than you can by visiting just one location. By making your vacation a two-stop adventure, you experience more diversity, landscapes, and natural wonders than you would have if you opted for just one resort, and sampling authentic cuisine prepared by chefs at both resorts is sublime.

Here’s the best news: You can take advantage of a carefully curated package that creates a smooth transition between the two sisters thanks to the helpful staff and artful planning. This combination is especially appreciated by folks who are inundated by time constraints. A split stay isn’t just sensible; it’s the gift that keeps giving!

An itinerary worthy of royalty

Stay Itz’ana and Ka’ana via their Tale of Two Worlds all-inclusive pairing that offers guests both a full Caribbean experience and romance of the jungle sojourn, and every detail of your holiday is taken care of by the staff at both resorts.

Start your royal journey at Ka’ana after being greeted by welcoming staff members at Belize’s international airport. Enjoy remarkable scenery during the 90-minute drive to the Ka’ana where you’ll spend three nights within a luxury master suite outfitted with a king-size bed. Delicious breakfasts and dinners at La Ceiba Restaurant are gourmet delights, fortifying you for excursions on your itinerary.

Image via Ka’ana Resort

From an authentic Maya cooking class and horseback riding to the magical Xunantunich Maya Site to your choice of a day spent at Caracol in Belize, Tikal in Guatemala, or cave tubing and ziplining at Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM), you’ll stay enchanted and hungry for more via the private land transfer taking you to Itz’ana Resort for the second half of your holiday.

At Itz’ana, an equally delightful stay awaits. You’ll be asked which night you prefer for your private beach dinner before repairing to deluxe digs featuring a king-size bed that promises sweet dreams followed by breakfasts and dinners at Limilia Restaurant.

itzana chocolate workshop placencia

A chocolate-making workshop paying tribute to the Mayan invention makes a fun introduction to Itz’ana before you work off the calories you consume during a day-long Silk Caye snorkeling adventure. By the time you must pack up and head for the Placencia airstrip taking you to the international airport, you’ll enjoy a last-minute glance at paradise as you take in the aerial view of the lush world you leave behind.

Caught your breath yet?


Stay reef safe with your sunscreen while snorkeling. Image via Itz’ana Belize

Relax. This world-class holiday will spoil you for all future vacations, but you can tell envious friends that you found out exactly how it feels to be treated like a celebrity after basking in the glow of this royal treatment for a week. What must you do to book this two-resort escape? Secure your first pick of dates by starting the process at [email protected]. Alternately, call 1(305)735-2553 and tell whoever answers the phone that you are eager to avail yourself of A Tale of Two Worlds, a taste of royal treatment that requires no crowns or scepters! 

Header image via Al Argueta/Itz’ana Resort.

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