This Valentine’s Day, Treat the Explorer in Your Life to A Bottle of Travellers Ruta Maya Rum

by Larry Waight

Ettinger, London’s elegant, family-owned leather boutique, knows a thing or two about Valentine’s Day gifting since it’s been in business since 1934. In addition to featuring trendy products, the Ettinger website offers browsers a big helping of romantic lore in addition to recommending high-end gifts.

In the UK alone, say Ettinger historians, lovers send “over a billion cards, more than 50 million roses and nearly as many chocolate boxes,” each paying tribute to the 3rd century Roman Saint Valentine who helped lovers marry in secret, despite being ordered not to by Emperor Claudius II. Arrested for violating his decree, Saint Valentine fell madly in love while incarcerated and wrote what is considered the first Valentine, a letter establishing the tradition we celebrate today.

Some Things Stay the Same. Others Not So Much!

Forbes magazine editors acknowledged the monumental shift in Valentine’s Day gifts now that flowers, cards, and candy are no longer the only choices of lovers. In fact, scientists conducting research on preferred romantic gifts say the trend is pointing to avoiding the mundane and expected. Instead, opt for choices that cater specifically to loved one’s interests and preferences. If there’s a rum drinker on the other end of your heartline, ditch the chocolates and posies in favor of something yummy, delicious, and elegant. Gift wrap a bottle of Travellers Ruta Maya Rum, present it to the explorer you treasure, and see what happens!

Why Travellers Ruta Maya Rum? Because when you are telling someone how much they mean to you, no ordinary brand will do. Like Ettinger, Travellers Liquors Limited is a family business, established in 1953. Over time, this company’s rums have become some of Belize’s most prestigious products. With a rich history and a collection of flavors so diverse, the company has even installed a Heritage Museum on premises. A tour of this site is sure to be as much fun as toasting with your sweetheart after they open your gift of Ruta Maya libations.

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About the Ruta Maya Family of Rums

Discriminating palates expect impeccable flavor, a distillery that specializes in innovation, state-of-the-art production methods, and experts who strive to make Travellers the largest, most successful rum company in Belize. Toward that end, four flavors of Ruta Maya Blend have been developed and proclaimed delicious by local and international rum aficionados. Debuting in 2023, these rums pay tribute to Belize’s Maya history and are crafted of ingredients that are sustainably harvested. In fact, the Ruta name is an homage to a renowned rowing race that has deep roots in Belize.

Which flavor of Ruta Maya will you choose for your adventurous rum lover? Will it be the Coco Lime version that’s as cool and fruity as Belize’s tropical landscape? Perhaps the object of your affection is a coffee fanatic. If so, a bottle of Ruta Maya Coffee Rum is likely to be treasured. Ruta Maya Blanco is the ideal choice for imbibers who prefer simple, crystal-clear blends, while Ruta Maya Ouro Belizean Rum offers a distinct taste borne of the wood casks used to age these rums. 

Show Your Love in a Different Way

It’s hard to believe that there are folks anywhere in the world who aren’t fans of rum, but if the object of your affection happens to prefer another type of libation, count on Travellers for a dazzling array of other spirits, including brandy, gin, vodka, wines, and exotics like Nanche, Rompope, and Gifiti Bitters. Gifiti makes an especially great Valentine’s Day gift because this blend of medicinal bitters is thought to be an aphrodisiac.

Love is in the air. Come February 14th, take pride in the fact that you don’t just rely upon flowers and chocolate when you pay tribute to your love’s excellent taste in rum.  

All photos courtesy of Travellers Liquors Ltd unless captioned otherwise. 

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